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you tell us? >> we know that the senator had this scheduled trip and arrived on friday in myanmar hoping to talk to leaders. on a five-nation tour, jim webb got just what he wanted. he had unprecedented talks with leaders and he won the release of an american. on tuesday, johnheyett sentenced toea rs of hard labor for helping a democracy leader violate the terms of her house arrest. in a statement, the senator said, "i'm grateful to the government for honoring these requests and it is my hope that we can take advantage of these gestures as a way to begin laying a foundation of good will and confidence building in the future." >> it is a good thing. it will help raise awareness of the situation. it is getting the u.s. involved. >> webb is the first member of congress in more than a decade to visit the country. some people hope this release will let the u.s. focus more on the controversy in the asian country. >> it will put pressure on the government and it might eventually result in a change. i do not think it will happen quickly. everything helps. this is a step in the right direc
out. the prospects for growth in the near term are good. and there are signs the u.s. housing market may be rebounding quicker than expected. home sales climbed more than 7% in july, the fourth straight monthly increase. foreclosures and other distressed properties are about a third of all transactions last month. >>> i knew abc news polls show half of americans now disapprove of the president's handling of health care. 46% approve. the health and human services secretary was at ohio trying to win support for the plan. she is confident that congress will try to come up with a workable bill after its august recess. >>> official election results will not be released until next week in afghanistan, but the leading campaign is already declaring victory. millions voted in the second presidential election, and despite violence and fear reducing the turnout, the presidential candidate accused incumbent president of stressing the ballot boxes. still, american officials say the election was a success. >>> they struck at least 40 times in a few hours. residents and police are searching for clu
and national guard member to attend a public college. we are live with details for us. scott. >> well, this new g.i. bill isn't as sweeping as the one that was created during world war ii that essentially said a veteran can go to any college at any cost, but it much improved over what we have had in recent years. no longer will veterans have to pay up front for a lot of their college costs. the government will do that for them. since 9-11, life in the military has been full of sacrifices to say the least. today the white house found it fit to reward them. >> you pick the school, we'll pick up the bill. >> president obama announced the new post-9-11 g.i. bill to make sure those who served in combat will also make it to the classroom. >> we do this not just to meet our moral obligation to those who sacrificed greatly, we do it because these men and women must now be prepared to lead our nation. >> i was definitely excited about the new g.i. bill even when it was just an idea in congress. >> 25-year-old matthew halby who twice was deployed to iraq is one of the half million veterans expected to ta
with a small plane this afternoon over the dson river. the two aircraft went down just south of where a u.s. airways plane crash land seven months ago but beverly, tragically the outcome is much different. new york mayor michael bloomberg called the accident not surviveable. it is a crystal-clear, sunny day. three people on the plane including a child were headed to ocean city, new jersey. a number of people strolling along the river witnessed the deadly crash in disbelief. >> it was like a movie. it was turning, then the head went down first. >> two victims have already been recovered in the water. witnesses say the aircraft collided not far from the hoboken line. >> the helicopter went straight down in the water, there was a puff of smoke and a bang, the plane hit the water in a couple of pieces. >> according to the f.a.a., the plane, a piper a.a.-32 had just taken off from teterboro airport in new jersey. mayor bloomberg says it pacer the airplane crashed into the rear of the chopper. >> the visibility is about two feet at the depth of 30 feet. >> while the coast guard continues gatherin
future votes. rebecca joins us with more. >> when barack obama was sworn in, he was enjoying the highest approval ratings of any incoming president. while he still faces challenges, polls show that health care debates are causing the biggest decline in his popularity. a new poll only shows only four in 10 things that president obama is doing a good job handling the health care issue. the approval rating showed a 69% of americans approved of the job he was doing. only 13% disapproved. today, 52% apove, 42% disapproved. >> i think that people don't light -- and don't like how much he wants government to do for us. >> those that do like the president say that health care is not easy to fix. >> he is taking on an awful lot of work to get done in a short period of time. >> he needs to be more up front and clear with people. a lot of people feel like they are missing that, not a really clear-cut message. he's to be more decisive. >> the biggest problem? people have grown disenchanted. >> the health-care issue is a matter of private business. it is not a right under the constitution. i am very
it is not as bad as predicted. it it could, could indicate the worst is behind this -- us. laid off last winter, the sales and marketing specialist found part-time work but can't get fully back. how frustrating is it? >> i can't say that on tv. >> a quarter of a million people just to join her. to many, that is actually good news. >> i am convinced we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. >>monthly losses averaged six under and 45,000. in july, it was 331,000. the newest figure, 247,000. try telling that to the 34 million receiving food stamps. >> i have been going to soup kitchens. i have been going to the thrift store, staying with friends. i am trying to make ends meet. >> as for the new figures -- >> it is encouraging to hear that, but it is still not good. >> wages rose, too. prompting others to feel if it is ok to be optimistic. even if the recession is over, job losses are can -- are expected to continue for months. it could take until 2013 to get unemployment down to 5%. >>> there have been fewer job cuts in manufacturing, construction, and financial areas. areas hardest
was using drugs. the green line train that left the station last month with 10 cars. the system can only accommodate trains with a maximum of eight cars. a worker tested positive for drugs. that person is now in rehab and is not drawing a salary. >>> and ocean cy had to be evacuated for h hh levels of carbon monoxide. officials evacuated the hotel oo the boardwalk this mornin g. three people with symptoms of nge er sent to the hospitalnt with -- r observation. fire officials are looking for the source. >>> new clues in the murder case of an acupuncturist in fairfax county. >> this is a significant development. what you're about to see, according to authorities, is video of what they say is a spot -- is a suspect and the vehicle he was traveling and. he literally pulled right up to the victim's home the day he was killed. there has been a big break in the murder of acupuncturist. fairfax county police have released picture and video of what they believe is a suspect and the vehicle he was traveling and just prior to the july 24 murder. it was a homicide that devastated a family and rattl
to be sure. whoa, it's us from... ...the future. 11 days in the future. look, you love your new routan. you love the german tuned suspension. you love not having to pay for scheduled maintenance,you- i love what you've done with your hair. we'll take it. >> if you have lost anything while traveling united air -- airlines in the last five years, they want to talk to you because one of their employees has been stealing all kinds of things. police searched her home in herndon and found hundreds of things there and suspect that they were stolen from passengers. >> and angry parents about a school bus ride. >> they say it will make their children spend an hour on the bus even know there's a school just five minutes away. >> on this first week of class's, students are getting a lesson in urban planning. starting next fall, 16,000 frederick county public school students are switching schools. many parents are not happy about it. >> we just got kicked in the teeth. >> the county board of education voted last night on a redistricting plan that would bust students from oakdale mittal, a 4 minute driv
of the vehicle using the jaws of life. the other vehicle is sitting in the middle of the intersection upside down. the passengers inside had to be pulled out of broken windows. this all happen in a little bit after 4:00. -- and this all happened a little bit after 4:00. just about any root out of the district through southeast washington is a nighare. it took us over an hour to get to the scene because traffic in every direction is gridlock because of some conditions on the parkway. if you're traveling through here, be patient. as for the investigation, it is ongoing. what we understand is, the vehicles were moving at a high rate of speed and witnesses say they believe the vehicle -- one vehicle may have run a red light. that is something that will be figured out during the investigative process. >>> former president bill clinton brought to journalists home today after a meeting with north korean president kim jong il. >> the women were greeted with hugs and tears. more on the unemotional reunion. >> they knew that the nightmare of their lives was coming to an end when their north korean captors
. we're going to climb that held together even if it takes us all day. >> that there were tales of the humorous side from his son, patrick, who joined his father in the patrick. >> i came to congress. dad finally celebrated saying, "finally after all these years when someone says who does that damn is the thing she is? there is only one in three chance he is talking about me." >> this was a celebration as much as anything else. it was a quick thank-you for his work on the hill and at home. it was another sendoff for another kennedy. >> in peace, let us take our brother to his place of rest. >> perhaps the reason that we are behind schedule by about an hour and half was another testament to how many people wanted to pay their respects to senator ted kennedy. there were many mourners in boston and now in washington. we will have continuing coverage throughout the evening. reporting live a from arlington national cemetery, abc 7 news. >> here are more details. senator kennedy will be buried with full military honors greeted the former archbishop for the washington diocese will pres
from the taliban. the taliban has threatened violence about -- against any who cannot tvote. u.s. marines are facing some of the fiercest combat of the were trying to break the taliban stronghold in southern afghanistan. >>> hurricane season took a big leap forward over the weekend. the first named hurricane of the season got active this weekend. >> the 2009 hurricane season started on june 1. it did not make its presence known until this weekend. three storms developed in 48 hours. tropical storm claudette is the first to hit the u.s. mainland this year. normally the last segment -- >> the concern for this hurricane season is that we t storm systems that form close to the mainland. then we go from not having a storm to having a hurricane that can make land fall in less than 48 hours. >> claudette pushed across the florida panhandle with dangerous winds and heavy downpours. this reporter had to bear the brunt of it in panama city beach. >> it is very uncomfortable to stand up. >> rainfall accumulations ranged from three to 10 inches. officials in dade county, fla., said that one
this happened. >> they discussed ways to improve relations between the feuding nations. the u.s. as yeutter recent nuclear test and rocket firings as provocative and potentially destabilizing. the white house is careful about releasing any information or making any comments on how this humanitarian act could impact relations with north korea. they are expected to return sometime on wednesday. >>> iranian lawmakers are considering legal action against three american hitchhike earth -- three american hikers. meanwhile, the obama administration is calling on the iranian authority to release a scholar who was arrested at his home last month following the presidential elections. >>> the senate is beginning to deliberate judge sonia sotomayor's nomination. democrats are unanimous, but most republicans say they are opposed by the activist record even though many of them do have large hispanic and stickier -- constituencies. they're concerned she would use the empathy standard in judging high court cases. >> in most cases, it is the judge, not the law that determines the outcome. that is a dangerou
the president. >> you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. the only wayou're going to get that money is to raise our taxes. >> i made a promise that i would not raise your taxes if you made to modern $50,000 a year or less. for people like myself that make more than that, there's nothing wrong with me paying a little bit more in or that help people who have a little bit less. h>> he also chastised tv that showed bad town halls when their work called ones. what is a fair assessment of american feelings? despite the outburst, polls show 49% of people disapprove of his handling of reform. a true split. that means the debate is hardly over. >> why would you change your strategy from talking about health care reform to health insurance reform and decided to vilify the insurance company? >> what we woulde doing it would be to say that private insurance has no place in the health-care market. some people believe that. i don't believe that. >> this is a battle fought outside of town halls. $60 million in ads have hit the air. bloomberg's analysis say that there are six for every one member o
think adding southwest into the mix is may be a good thing for people looking for a better deal. >> u.s. air and delta will swaps lots. -- swap slots. they add a series of new destinations. other routes will compete with other carias -- carriers. >> i think more options for travelers is best for everybody. if there is a specific time, we can pick whatever fits our schedule. >> they can add more flights to lead atlanta and orlando in september. it likely means some reductions in their d.c. area service. >> any type of way to deflate the cost will be fine. >> many of these changes will not happen until 2010 and require regulatory help from the government. they may drop to 55 daily departures. it will not affect the shuttle service or the seven major hub cities. they could not say specifically what cities will be affected. the auction for frontier airlines is set for tomorrow. >>> coming up, a basketball coach is fighting for his reputation. he finds himself in the middle of an affair and extortion scandal. >> and their skills and dedication. >> a warm and humid evening. we have the latest
can you tell us? >> lots to talk about this evening. we have been tracking these thunderstorms all afteoon long. if parts of the area has seen t inches of rain since earlier this morning. we are under f fshlalood warning for these counties. is until 10:45 p.m. charles county has a warning til 8:00 p.m. these counties also have a flash fld warning until 11:30 p.m. generally if you are east of the d.c., you see the heavier amounts of rain. this is slowly moving off to the north, northeast at only around 10-12 miles per hour. this is a system that is going to bring cooler and drier air. once again, the entire area is under a flash flood watch until midnight tonight. our viewers in fredericksburg, va., have a severe thunderstorm watch for about another hour until 7:00 p.m. this evening. we will bring you the latest updates on hurricane bill. it is now just a category one hurricane. >>> a lightning strike sparked a fire at an apartment complex. that was around 5:00 a.m. this morning. the top floor of the building was affected. everyone made it out of the burning building. dozens of fire
challenging, they didn't have time to think about it. >> getting used to all the new teachers and lockers. i didn't have that in elementary school. >> in advance of a possible outbreak of swine flu, some schools are advising parents to stress basic hygiene suchs hand washing and to keep their children home if they appear sick or feverish. >> some d.c. teachers had to do some reading before they ed returned to the classroom today. they received a 200-page document last week outlining expectations for teacher performance including lesson planning and classroom behavior. teachers will be vaffleted based on those guidelines. >> a flash fire inside an underground electrical vlt in northwest washington sent two men to the hospital. it happened around 11:30 this morning in dupont circle. two contractors from pepco were pulling out cable when it touched a live cable sparking a fire. one man was burned in the face. the over suffered smoke inhalation. people at a nearby hotel helped the men until paramedics arrived. >> it was helping calm the individual down, administering first aid for burns. >> the
day. while car dealerships are shing in, used-car dealerships are paying a price. >> the head of this dealership wrote to senator a few days ago begging for help. consumers are passing over his lot and heading down the to go to the new car dealers to cash in on their clunkers. roberta and a gem test drove a new elantra today. -- jim test drove a new elantra today. thousands have traded in their gas guzzlers for more fuel- efficient cars. the popularity is hurting some businesses, because they basically become obsolete. independent used-car dealers is struggling with the recession and credit lyses says that congre could put them under. >> selling twelver 15 cars a month. -- it 12 or 15 cars a month. >> he dropped his personal insurance, and his small staff of six may have to shrink to five. >> i have to use that to survive. >> things are quiet all day every day since the program began late last month. >> i just sit in my office and wait for somebody to come in. >> while he is ready -- waiting, he can count the days until the program ends. >> while some new car dealers are scram
taught us to stand tall." >>> it is a life sentence with no chance of parole for jose garcia. he was convicted of the brutal death and robbery of a 63-year- old woman. he targeted elderly women in montgomery county in northwest washington. some of them testified at today's sentencing hearing. after the judge delivered the life sentence, victims said that justice has been served. >> i am delighted. anything less would have put us all in jeopardy at a later date and other people, too. >> they say there were probably hundreds of victims because of search of jose garcia's home that yielded thousands of items stolen. >>> a local animal rescue shelter is closing its doors. what will happen to the dogs? but >> what woulyou pay for unlimited flights for a month? >> doug hill here. folks are getting wet. we will check the doppler in my forecast still to come. >>> you're watching abc news at 6:00. this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >>> the cent serves inner-city youth that was greeted by the former d.c. first lady. several tennis greats have visited this center. the organization has
scene and joins us with the latest. >> it looks like at this point police are still trying to piece together what happened in the house behind me there just about four houses down at 121 plaza street here in leesburg. police tell me that some family members had been trying to reach a gentleman, a 20-year-old man, who lived in that house. they'd called several times. he did not respond. so police were sent to the house. police officers looked inside and saw two pit bulls roaming around free inside. they broke into the house, found the man, deceased, a 20-year-old man deceased. it appears at this point that he was mauled by one or both of those dogs. there was also the body of another smaller dog, they're not exactly sure the breed of that dog, that was next to the body of the man. again, they don't know exactly what happened. at this point they think there was a fight between the two pit bulls and the smaller dog. the gentleman tried to intervene and then this terrible incident occurred. again, this 20-year-old man who lived in the house, the dogs all lived in the house also. obvious
for something only a few hundred people are using. >>> virginia lawmakers are going back to work for a special session. the governor is expected to cut the budget by $1.3 billion. lawmakers will discuss the supporsupreme court ruling. >>> live in silver spring. where is the cash? >>> when we will get a break from the heat. >>> some rain here but steven strasberg is signed, sealed and delived. livered. >>> more than 1000 gm workers will be heading back to work things to the cash for clunkers program. they added 6000 vehicles to the production. demand for the cars is part of the program. the cash for clunkers program seems to be a hit but some dealers are sitting on t fence. >> according to the department of transportation, 400,000 to deals have been submitted. car dealers are waiting for most of that money. >> this lot is full of the 1100 clunkers that have come in. row after row. when it comes time for the government to pay up and pay the dealer, they received funds for two cars. the clunkers keep rolling in in silver spring but the money from the government being the incentives is at best arr
. join us at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific. x games will continue. now except for the west coast stay tuned for abc "world news" or local news. this, my friends a presentation of espn, worldwide leader in of espn, worldwide leader in action s captions by vitac e captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> the cleanup begins, not a tornado rips through. tonight, surveying the damage. at the top story tonight, the damage left behind by the powerful storms. phillip stewart is live in ijamsville with the clean-up efforts that are under way. >> i want to show the size of some of these trees. it appear, some of the damage they have cost. the national weather service confirmed this was a tornado that moved through. the people who live in this neighborhood did not need any confirmation to know how strong the storms were. like so many neighbors, jimmy loveless spent today cleanup. >> thank god for the help, my friends helping me. it was like a bomb came through. >> the national weather service confirmed the strong storms that moved through ijamsville or in fact a tornado. >
life and tried to make sure that everything the u.s. government decided was in the best interest of the people who were deprived, pork, neglected or fell the depravity of discrimination. >> british prime minister gordon brown said at his -- praised his tireless work on health care reform. irish leaders recalled kennedy's instrumental influence on the peace process in northern ireland. >>> politicians on both sides of the aisle here, senator kennedy was a grim political force and friend. and to journalists, he was a central figure in many stories. gordon peterson is live in massachusetts this evening. everyone is talking about his focus on health care, but you say there is a bigger issue that helped define him? >> i am having a little trouble hearing you. senator john kerry just came out to visit with the kennedy family, talk to the press. what i am remembering now is senator kennedy's efforts on behalf of john kerry and iowa in 2004. he was having the time of his life. he is getting the crowds fired up. he said he was going to give them on a chance, and they loved it and he did n
role in world war two. u.s. marine raiders were reunited for a very special ceremony. >> and more news on when we will get a break from the 90 degree temperatures. >> the national seven new general manager tonight. in the redskins park, they're like kids at the last day of school. >>> are considered to be the fathers of the modern operations forces. they were honored at the marine corps base. the 99 reign raiders killed in action in world war two will never be forgotten. these bricks named in their honor at this museum will ensure that. >> those youn men had no lives at a nobody to buy a brick. so we got their brakes. >> japanese forces were moving throughout the pacific. nobody could stop them. not the americans, the british, the dutch, or the french. not until the raiders appeared on the sea. they were capable of landing from submarines, destroyers, or aircraft. there the first combat forces to wear camouflage, be trained in martial arts, by fighting, and operate at night. >> i always carry this list of those that died. i tried every day to remember them in prayer. >> therewe re the
understand the adult victim is a woman in her late 50's. she lives in this apartment complex behind us. a family member tells us that she runs a small day care. there are several other children that also live in the same apartment complex during the past couple of minutes. several parents have been talking to police. one of the children, a 2 year delk -- a 2-year-old girl. the suspect also lives in the building, but it is not related -- he was not related to any of the victims. we understand that he has been arrested. fairfax county police got a call around 2:30 this afternoon. they were stabbed inside of the apartment. police are talking, not only to their unit, but they're also talking to a number of residents and family members who are still here on the scene. we're also told that the suspect who also lives in the apartment building lives right next door to the woman who was stabbed. tonight, both the woman and child are and the hospital. they were transported in a critical condition. they are in serious, but stable condition. >>> to buy, alexandria has a new police chief after the
. >> it is a bigust,ar us, and for this to be happening, it is not fair to the community. >> some at virginia's that -- some at a virginia tech are still struggling with the mass murder two years ago, and now this killing has suck fear. both child and metzler were active members of their baptist church and belong to campus crusade for christ. some feel they may have felt victim of a deranged killer. >> it is scary that stuff like that happens around here. >> meanwhile, parents who have just dropped off their kids hope that the killer is captured before they struck again. >> everything seems completely secure and they have gotten past the tragedy from before, and this is just awful that this happens. >> metzler's body was found inside the vehicle, child's body was found outside of the car. reporting live from the newsroom, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >>> students and professors at the university of virginia are taking extra precautions aer several cases of swine flu or reported. four days into the fall semester, nine cases of the virus have been reported on the charlottesville campus. the uni
be used to move the vote in congress? we relied on capitol hill with a look on that story. >> that is something being pondered here on the hill. in the meantime, the president is back from martha's vineyard. there is a cloud hanging over him, it seems, wherever he goes. you can call it a vacation, but it cannot be easy when the health-care plan is hitting such major roadblocks. those rowdy town hall meetings, the responses of tv ads. >> spence -- special interest research ring to block progress. >> and now been "do it for the gipper motto" is back. >> we're trying to figure out how we can have an open discussion. >> some real pressure to get a plan passed for ted kennedy. >> it is a nice gesture, but i do not think it is the right answer. >> they have been a -- unable to get affordable insurance since leaving the military. >> it was no problem. now, i cannot afford it. >> is there an end in sight? >> i think people are disappointed this has taken so long. >> the white house was grilled today by reporters asking where the president is in all of this. could he be working wit
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